Taxonomy for speaking one language

In order to reduce the administrative burdens and speak “one language” in politics and economy let’s start to build a “dictionary of legal terms (concepts)”.
Possible steps of it building a dictionary of legal concepts are as follows:

  • collect the terms and interpretations used in legislation in a database that can be used in practice as a dictionary,
  • when the legislator amends a legal rule or intends to introduce new legislation with new terms (concepts) and their interpretations, it should be an obligation to work with concepts and their interpretations that are already included in the database, because these will be the authentic concepts and their authentic interpretations,
  • if interpretation of a concept in the database changes, or it is completed, or the new legislation require a new concept and its interpretation, the legislator may not put the new legislation into effect until the new concept and its interpretation have been recorded in the database, and until it thus becomes authentic,
  • we “label” the collected technical terms and their interpretations using computer language (indicating the source of legislation) and summarize the concepts and establish the connections between the concepts in the order of Taxonomy,
  • the Taxonomy should start to be built in a system of modules by industrial branch ensuring that the concept and its interpretation are included only once in the system,
  • display the legal glossary on the government’s website www.magyarorszá and make it available to everyone in such a way that the user can immediately search for the concept necessary for his or her work or personal affair with the help of a quick search engine, thus finding the concept at the same time source as well.

This is a long process, but over time it will be inevitable to build and maintain the Hungarian Taxonomy (first in the field of taxation, accounting and auditing), because by presenting the concepts and their interpretations in a database, overcomplicated legal regulations can be filtered out and improved and thus administrative costs will be significantly reduced.
The use of a “legal glossary” could contribute to this improvement process. In addition, the credibility of the concepts and their interpretations would help to speak “in one language” in the relationships between farmers, litigation, orientation in legal concepts and in legislation.