Cultural works of AUDIT XBRL Bt.

Theatrical scenes

Space dream

This scene of play can be presented in touring festivals or on-line through Internet (YouTube). This is a challenge to mix the traditional gypsy music with modern electric music through the use of digital technologies.
6/8 dancers, 2 violinist, a projector for film, loudspeakers for hearing both computer music and the two physical musicians. Of course there is possible to increase the number of traditional gipsy musicians depending on budget.
At the beginning a film is shown by the projector, where the interior of a spaceship can be seen in the film. There are 4 “cosmic creatures” inside and with machine communication effects it is seen that they “notice” a beautiful music from the Earth but the music faint and far. The peculiarity and beauty of the music make them “assess” the place from where the music can be heard and they begin to approach Earth.
At this time dominant is modern electronic music. It can be seen in the film, that the spaceship descends to Earth and emphasis of the film is from spaceship to the Earth bringing up musicians and 4 dancers joyfully dancing to the music.
In the film the spaceship is landing with strong machine sound and cosmic creature dancers are jumping out of the spaceship. What follows is that the play is continued “live” on the “stage”.
Traditional musicians and dancers are surprised to see cosmic creatures who show clear interest in the musical instruments and show with hands and feet that they liked if music started.
Roma musicians understand this and continue virtuoso performance to which “Earthly” dancers dance in traditional way.
In reply cosmic creatures carry an electronic musical instrument and show their own dance to the music started. In reply Gipsy musicians and “Earthly” dancers start their own music and dance their traditional dance in turn.
Hereafter artists should mediate to the audience that traditional Roma music and dance are compete with cosmic creatures’ music and dance in rivalry by an ever friendly way and by the end traditional music and modern electronic music are melting in one unified piece of art. Dancers are accompanying this and dance in their own way as choreographic combination of traditional dance and modern cosmic creatures’ dance.